Monday, February 23, 2009

"Group calls for delay in plans to close city schools"

This article, written by Chicago Tribune reporter Carlos Sadovi, covers how two studies have produced new information concerning the effects of closing city schools.  Sadovi uses an effective summary lead that fits the story well.  He provides ample background information, and does a great job of integrating it with new developments in the story, making it easy to read and follow.  The story doesn't contain any quotations, but is heavily based in facts, statistics, and the results of the studies.  An interview with one of the researchers of the studies would add some depth to the story, but I don't believe its necessary for a story of this length.  A longer piece would benefit from more sources.  Overall, I found this news item to be well done.


  1. what were some of the effects of closing city schools? did Sadovi show a perspective on the effects or the issue?

  2. Sadovi didn't add any of his own perspectives. One of the effects of closing schools is the change in propterty values, which often forces families to be priced out of their neighborhoods.