Friday, February 27, 2009

"Chicago schools moving ahead with closings"

This article follows up on the article discussed in my first post.  In this article, also written by Carlos Sadovi, the results and effects of the Chicago Board of Education vote are discussed.  Using an effective summary lead, Sadovi answers the important questions.  Although the lead is a bit long, it incorporates all the necessary points of the story in an easy to read manner.  
The greatest strength of this article is its balance.  Sadovi incorporates the viewpoints of local residents who are losing their schools, as well as Board of Education officials who voted for the 16 schools to be shutdown in the fall.  The quotations he uses are incorporated seamlessly and useful and appropriate information to the story.  
The article concludes in a way that leaves the reader a bit confused about what will happen next.  It does this by saying that the Chicago Teacher's Union President asked the Board of Education to delay the vote, but it does not include a response, or an estimate of when a response may be made.  Otherwise, I found this to be a well written and timely piece of journalism.

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