Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Suburban school board chief quits in email flap"

This article, written by Russell Working, discusses a sexual assault at a west suburban public school, and the after effects that led to school board chief Mark Metzger to quit his job.  After two children assaulted a classmate on school grounds, the father of the assaulted student was understandably upset that the suspects were not being removed from the school.  Metzger accidently emailed the father a message in which he refers to the father with an epithet containing an expletive.  The Parent Council was not pleased by this, and after apologizing Metzger has decided to step down.   
Beginning with an effective summary lead the story opens by delivering the most important details right away.  The necessary background information is provided up front and the story follows the inverted pyramid style by introducing more detailed information throughout.  
Working does a nice job of being ethical with this story.  He recognizes the sensitive state that those involved must be in, considering the story revolves around people who were victims of a sexual crime, lost their jobs, or are young children.  For this reason I understand why the story is lacking in direct quotations.
Overall, I believe this was a difficult story to write and that Working found a way to present the information in an easy to follow way.

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