Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Simeon Career Academy students rally: High schoolers mourn slain classmate Gregory Robinson"

Carlos Sadovi opens this article with a scene setting feature lead.  The lead works well because it goes beyond simply stating that another Chicago public school student has been killed and gets directly into the real newsworthy aspects while developing a foundation for the tone of the story.  The author combines quality quotes with effective paraphrasing to tell the story of the a recent memorial and anti-violence rally.  In a short news piece, Sadovi manages to squeeze in a variety of sources, including students and Chicago Public Schools officials.  
The article discusses the importance of naming each of the 29 student victims personally at the memorial rally, and never referring to any victim as a number.  I imagine this could have posed a challenge to journalists covering the event, as there are ethical issues involving sensitivity to victims' privacy. 
For a short piece, I believe Sadovi's article is a good piece of journalism, that if expanded on, could make a better story.

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