Friday, March 20, 2009

"Open space versus schools: Who wins?"

Antonio Olivo opens this story with a summary lead that, through effective word choices, gives a very accurate picture of what the article will cover.  The article discusses how a section of Rainbow Beach Park on the south side of the city has been approved by the City Council Zoning Committee to be the new site of an overcrowded elementary school.  Many education officials are in favor of using this land for the new school site, while local residents advocate for keeping the park as is.  
Olivo presents both sides of the issue evenly throughout the story.  There is no evidence of the author's bias or opinion in the story.  Olivo also provides ample background information for the issue so that the reader can easily identify both sides of the argument as being logical.  
The sources in this story are balanced as well, coming from both those who support the school and those in favor of the park.  Both local residents and city officials provide colorful quotes as well as informative quotes that offer new information to move the story forward.  
I guess the best measure for how good the story is could be how interested the reader is in finding out whether the new school will be built on the park or not.  I'm looking forward to finding out, so this article did the job for me.

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