Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Whites break new ground by teaching black studies"

Dawn Turner Trice authored this article on the emergence of white professors teaching African-American studies courses.  Though the main focus is on white professors, the article also discusses the history of the African-American Studies program.  The historical background is presented well and adds depth to the article.  
The sources that Trice quoted are either white or African-American professors.  This provided some balance on the issue, though it would have been nice to have heard from students directly instead of being told how they react through the professors' words.
The lead for this story is a light hearted feature lead that sets the tone for the rest of the article.  I don't necessarily think that the story's material called for this style, but the author does a nice job of making it work and keeping it light throughout. 
Since this year is the 40th anniversary of the African-American studies program the article is timely, though it surprises me that it wasn't run a week ago as part of a black history month feature.
Overall, I found this article to be a good piece of journalism.

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